100 Details: Martha’s Vineyard

  1. The first parking lot was full of people – at 10:15 a.m.
  2. The kid looked like Napoleon Dynamite and was definitely unhappy about being there.
  3. We drove down the winding roads to another parking lot.
  4. The parking lot was massive, bigger than the size of a football field
  5. We were parked at the complete other end (U2).
  6. We got on a shuttle
  7. Others were bringing suitcases and large duffle bags
  8. There were many families, groups of friends, and couples
  9. The bus was white
  10. It took us 15 min to get back to main area
  11. The ticket area was full of people.
  12. It was very convenient, with a food area and bathroom. It has a sign that says “threat level” – currently, the threat status is elevated.
  13. The line was not too long
  14. The ferry was huge, with a giant space for the cargo hold
  15. On entering, the back of the ship has less seats than the front
  16. There were many kids on the ferry, eager to interact with their surroundings
  17. Once docked, the ferry opens up to a wooden bridge that connects to the island
  18. I believe this is called Oak Bluff
  19. Next to the docking is a tourist center with free information
  20. We go to Offshore Ale Company for lunch
  21. The peanut shells cover the ground, constantly being added to
  22. Their signature is, unsurprisingly, beer
  23. The oysters are fresh, tasty and easy to eat
  24. The apothecary is just a regular pharmacy; sounds more interesting
  25. The signs all over the island have character (don’t you dare think about parking here, etc)
  26. The gingerbread cottages are real houses
  27. People just casually traipsing through the neighborhood, residents don’t seem to mind
  28. Residents ignore us
  29. The houses are painted all sorts of colors, clearly not like regular neighborhoods
  30. Very close together, only a few feet separate the houses
  31. Houses have all sorts of names, giving a more personalized touch on top of the crazy colors
  32. Seem very much like dollhouses
  33. Ubers are expensive on the island
  34. A taxi (or at least a bike) is necessary to get to the other side of the island
  35. The road is straight, and not much traffic, so it takes us no time to get there
  36. There’s a section of the bridge where people crowd around others jumping off the bridge
  37. The taxi drops us off at a nice hotel near the lighthouse
  38. We stop to use the restroom; though we are not paying customers, they do not stop us
  39. We walk past the manicured lawns onto the sandy beach
  40. The sand is rough, full of rocks and shells (slightly dangerous)

41.The lighthouse is unimpressive, barely taller than my own house while boasting a $5 price

  1. We forego the experience and sit on the rough ledge surrounding the lighthouse
  2. Families huddle around the shade, eager to not burn even more in the hot sun
  3. A proposal had just taken place; people congratulate the couple – it’s very low key
  4. There are bricks with names surrounding the lighthouse
  5. High school girls are sitting, brushing away the dirt and painting the names in black
  6. My friend begins to play a few songs through her iPhone and speakers; no one reacts
  7. The cool breeze is a welcome change from the muggy air
  8. A Spanish speaking family huddles around the shade, laughing and enjoying themselves next to us
  9. We go back towards the hotel; two boys greet us from the porch of their house
  10. The lawn is really well-manicured, and I wonder what it’s like to live on the island
  11. My friend calls an operator to call a taxi – the woman is efficient but rude, clearly she’s done this a lot.
  12. The taxi driver is the same one that dropped us off near the lighthouse. He plays the same music as well.
  13. We stop at a convenience store to see how much an umbrella is. At $30, we decide not to buy the umbrella.
  14. We walk down the street to the ice cram store.
  15. The walk is almost sensory overload. There’s live music (via guitar) playing from one of the restaurants. People fill the street like ants. The vendors are out and about, inviting people into stores.
  16. We decide to stop by the Chocolate Emporium at first. It’s decidedly unimpressive – you can find most of it anywhere. The smell is so delicious, though.
  17. We hurry out the exit and to the ice cream shop.
  18. The ice cream shop is open, with a small carpet leading to the ordering area. We take some time to make our picks.
  19. I try the “black raspberry” in hopes that it will taste like a sorbet. It does not. The flavor is super dry, and I’m not too impressed.
  20. I settle on the cookie dough ice cream. The cookie dough itself has a weird sort of flavor to it – clearly not freshly made as the store claims. I’m still not very impressed, especially with $5 a scoop.
  21. There is a purple curtain in the store. A few people disappear through it, so we are curious as to where it goes – perhaps a bathroom? My two friends go to check, but it turns out to be the entrance to another store (which is weird in itself).
  22. We exit the ice cream parlor, thoroughly full on the ice cream. We keep walking down the street. Now, we plan to go see one of the oldest carousels.
  23. Traffic is very slow, as they stop for any pedestrian who walks out onto the street without a care.
  24. It turns out that the arcade we passed earlier has the carousel. My interest is piqued.
  25. We walk in. It’s dramatic in that the first part of the arcade has the usual games. Through a wooden entrance lies the famous carousel.
  26. The carousel looks like it’s about to break.
  27. The kids on the ride grab small metal hoops and put them on their chosen horse at each round. Perhaps it’s some sort of challenge?
  28. Again, this ride is $5. Seeing as we might contribute in breaking the carousel, we decline to get on.
  29. Across the street, we see a lounge dedicated to pool. We decide to check it out.
  30. From the outside, the lounge is swathed in black and up a flight of stairs, so we really don’t know what to make of it.
  31. Though there’s AC (it is still miserably hot outside), no one is there so we decide not to play.
  32. We turn to the left and walk down the street. This time, we see that a bunch of vespas/scooters are for rent. We regret not having seen this earlier. Of course, none of us are wearing close-toed shoes, so we wouldn’t have been able to rent them anyway.
  33. The woman at the stand tells us that it is around $30 for about 2 hours. We really regret not wearing close-toed shoes.
  34. We do an about face and turn to the beach to spend our last few hours.
  35. As we climb down the stairs, we notice that the sand is full of shells just like the sand near the lighthouse. It’s not fun.
  36. We settle on a shady spot next to a bag full of drained beer cans. Unfortunate, but it’s the only spot.
  37. My two friends decide to jump in the water, while another and I stay at the edge – simply feeling the cool water.
  38. A dad and his child play in the water next to us. Despite the painful rocks, she keeps giggling away.
  39. We get used to the cold water and finally feel some relief from the hot weather.
  40. We all come out of the water and return to our towels.
  41. My friends begin to play Frisbee. We call out one of them for having terrible aim. Soon, we realize that it’s because of the wind when someone switches with her.
  42. The sun begins to die down, and the weather is perfect.
  43. My friend complains about picking up a rock, pressing down on it, and realizing that it was a snail by the oozing.
  44. After that, we decide to call it a day at the beach – if you can call it that. All the rocks on the shore still bother me.
  45. We use Yelp to find good restaurants near us. Luckily, we find one right next to wear our boat was to dock. Unluckily, the woman told us it would be a 45 min. wait.
  46. We try for another restaurant further into the little town. It’s called 20byNine.
  47. They seat us outside on some wooden slats and revolving chairs. We instantly feel hip with the décor. And then we realize why they seat so few people outside – bugs are everywhere.
  48. My friends order a margarita, sans tequila because the restaurant doesn’t actually serve anything besides bourbon and whiskey. They are a bit wary.
  49. We order a cheese plate for the table, intrigued by the sophistication it promises.
  50. We quickly realize that we are not cut out for this sophistication. We order 3 more baskets of the tiny pieces of bread they give us. The cheese is a delight, but we are more concerned with the various fruits they gave us – some of which we had never seen before.
  51. Bees buzz all around our food, making eating a sort of exercise – chew, then swat.
  52. The margaritas turn out to have foam-y egg white at the top. None of my friends are amused, and close their noses when drinking to tolerate it.
  53. One of the waiters, in a plaid shirt and khaki pants, hovers over us. He seems to be taking notes – I can only hope he isn’t taking note of how obnoxious we are.
  54. For a small plate of cheese and fruits, a lobster cake appetizer, bite sized smores, and our drinks, we are charged $100. We are still hungry.

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